GE 19L600KH1 Induction Heating / Melting Capacitor


This GE 19L600KH1 Induction heating / melting capacitor looks like it was never used. We bought it in a local auction thinking that it would work with a tesla coil. After some research we found out that it wont, so it is here for sale. We tested the taps and we got the following readings (capacitor case as reference) all values are in uF; Tap1 / 2.3, Tap2 / 4.88, Tap3 / 9.43, Tap4 /18.28, Tap5 / 28, Tap6 / 27.76 . The label on the side shows the following info:
G.E. Capacitor Model: 19L600KH1
230KVAR 220 Volt 9.6 Khz 1PH
2-4-8-16-2x2 4UP/Tap .82 Gal Combustible liquid Caution before installing or operating, read instructions. GEH 273. Made in USA.
Shipping for this item should be arranged before bidding, we don't think UPS will accept it because of the combustible liquid inside. If you are interested in this item obviously you know how to ship it, please send us your suggestions.
(the ruler in the picture is 8" long)


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NOTICE: This Pre-Owned-Recycled ge 19l600kh1 induction heating / melting capacitor was described to the best of our knowledge and it is offered as-is. If the field -Items in Stock- shows zero, the product is no longer available.

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