Rack Mount ISA Telecom Server Redundant Power Supplies


This item is a Telecom server that was used to manage an Excel 2000 telecom switch. This server is very rugged, a total of 8 fans installed for proper interface ventilation. Redundant hot swap power supplies, 3 Hard Disks: one 1gb SCSI Hard disk, and two seagate ST-32430W connected to an adaptec DPT PM3334UW PCI SCSI Raid array (don't know if it is properly setup, we don't see these drives in windows). The server features 4 PCI Slots, 2 VESA Slots (RARE), 13 ISA 16 bit Slots. One Adaptec AHA-1522, which is the card the server boots from. It also has a Ethernet controller and a modem.


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