Focus Enhancement TVIEW Micro PC to TV Video Converter Xvga 1024x768 (PC/Mac), SVGA 800x600, VGA 640x480

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The Micro XGA is the smallest and lightest TView product based on FOCUS' revolutionary FS300 video processor. The FS300 is what gives the Micro XGA its high-quality video output and TrueScale video compression to fit your computer image on any TV regardless of resolution. This multi-resolution support is what makes the Micro XGA ideal for today's high-powered laptops and desktops that come standard with fast, high-resolution VGA output. Simply connect the VGA cable to your VGA video port and attach the appropriate video cable (included) from your TView Micro XGA to any size television and you're ready for big screen impact, at a low cost.The TView Micro XGA weighs less than seven ounces, yet is big on features. The FS300 proprietary chip design produces a sharper, more stable image, and can support millions of colors. In addition, by simply adjusting one of the four new Microtouch buttons conveniently located on top of the unit, you can position your computer image on the TV screen so that full windows, tool bars, and other necessary functions are completely visible. Item is like new.


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