Direct TV B-Band Converter SUP-2400 BBC Module


New B-Band Converter. Required for receiving the HD satellite signals on certain DirecTV receivers. The B-Band Converter (BBC) module, installed on your HR20/HR21 or H20/H21 receiver, allows you to view the upcoming HD channels. Because DIRECTV's current HD channels do not require the BBC, it may not have been installed. B-Band Converter Please note: The BBC module works only with the H20/H21 and HR20/HR21 receivers. The information here applies only to DIRECTV customers with one of these receivers. If you live in an apartment or condo in a building where multiple units share one dish, please click here for more info. The easiest way to tell if your H20/H21 or HR20/HR21 receiver has the BBC connected to it is to look at the back of the receiver. Look for a module that looks like the one pictured to the right. You can also check for the BBC module by tuning in to the Weather Channel, channel 362: * If you see the message "Searching for Satellite Signal," you do not have the BBC module or it is not connected properly. * If you do see the channel, press the Guide button on your remote twice to bring up the channel information on your TV screen. If you do not see the HD logo next to the channel name, then you do not have the BBC module or it is not properly connected. If you do not have the BBC module or need instructions to install it, see the next section.


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