TIF 270 Automotive Digital Multimeter Multitester TIF270


The TIF270 is a hand held, battery operated professional quality automotive meter for todays complex automotive system diagnostic and troubleshooting. Pushbutton Functions Include: Data Hold, Auto or Manual Ranging, Relative Zero Mode, 50ms Record Mode, Trigger Slope Selection, Number of Cylinders Selection, Secondary Functions Selection, as well as RPM for convetional 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke, DIS, or Special 2 Stroke Waste Ignition Engine. Power On options Include: Line Filter Frequency 50/60Hz Selection for best noise rejection (normally only available in more expensive bench top instruments). Features: 50 ms Record- Max, Min, Max-Min, Avg readings, Frequency with 4 selectable sensitivities, Inductive RPM readings, Duty Cycle On/Off ration (%) readings, Fully auto-ranging, 4 Digits, 9999 counts up to 5 times the resolution of traditional multimeters, Audible Continuity for quick open, Relative Zero Mode, msFuel Injection Detector for both TBI and PFI systems, Analog bargraph updates 20 times, Direct Dwell readings, Data Hold freezes the displaying reading for later view, 0.3% High Basic Accuracy, Relative % change mode, Auto Power Off to extend battery life K-Type Temperature 0C and 0F measurements, Ohms 999.9 to 40.00 Meg Ohms, ACV 999.9MV to 600.0V, DCV 999.9mV to 600.0V, ACA 4000mA to 10.00A, DCA 4000mA to 10.00A. Used, no accessories are included.


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