AC adapter power supply for IBM Thinkpad 02K6661

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AC adapter IBM ThinkPad A Series, ThinkPad R Series, ThinkPad T Series, ThinkPad X20, ThinkPad 240, ThinkPad i Series 1200/1300 (1161, 1171), ThinkPad Port Replicator. 02K6699 02K6657 73G1819 16 Volts 4.5 Amps With Cord 08k8204. Also compatible with CF-AA1639M3, CF-AA1625AM, CF-AA1653M2, CF-AA1693M, CF-AA1527-C4, CF-VZSU29U, CF-AA1639M1, CF-AA1639AM3, CF-AA159M5, CF-AA159M4, CF-AA159M1, CF-AA1653A, CF-AA1639AM2, CF-AA1639AM1, 02K6744, 02K6750, 02K6666, 02K6661, 02K6753, 02K6757. 02K6661 Compatibility List : ThinkPad 1161,ThinkPad 1171, ThinkPad 240, ThinkPad 240X, ThinkPad 240Z, ThinkPad 365, ThinkPad 365C, ThinkPad 365CD, ThinkPad 365CS, ThinkPad 365CSD, ThinkPad 365E, ThinkPad 365ED, ThinkPad 365XThinkPad 365XD, ThinkPad 380, ThinkPad 380D, ThinkPad 380D-MMX, ThinkPad 380E, ThinkPad 380ED, ThinkPad 380XD, ThinkPad 380Z, ThinkPad 385, ThinkPad 385CD, ThinkPad 385D, ThinkPad 385D-MMX, ThinkPad 385ED, ThinkPad 385XD, ThinkPad 390, ThinkPad 390E, ThinkPad 390X, ThinkPad 535, ThinkPad 550, ThinkPad 560, ThinkPad 560C, ThinkPad 560E, ThinkPad 560X, ThinkPad 560Z, ThinkPad 570, ThinkPad 570E, ThinkPad 600, ThinkPad 600A, ThinkPad 600E, ThinkPad 600X, ThinkPad 701, ThinkPad 701C, ThinkPad 701CS, ThinkPad 770, ThinkPad 770E, ThinkPad 770ED, ThinkPad 770X, ThinkPad 770Z, ThinkPad A, ThinkPad A20, ThinkPad A20M, ThinkPad A20P, ThinkPad A21, ThinkPad A21e, ThinkPad A21M, ThinkPad A21P, ThinkPad A22e, ThinkPad A22M, ThinkPad A22P, ThinkPad A30, ThinkPad A30P, ThinkPad A31, ThinkPad A31P, ThinkPad ASeries, ThinkPad E530, ThinkPad G40, ThinkPad i1200, ThinkPad i1210, ThinkPad i1211, ThinkPad i1241, ThinkPad i1251, ThinkPad i1271, ThinkPad i1300, ThinkPad i13001171-NMU, ThinkPad i1321, ThinkPad i1340, ThinkPad i1351, ThinkPad i1361, ThinkPad i1391, ThinkPad i1418, ThinkPad i1420, ThinkPad i1421, ThinkPad i1441, ThinkPad i1442, ThinkPad i1460, ThinkPad i1480, ThinkPad i1482, ThinkPad i1500, ThinkPad i1700, ThinkPad i1720, ThinkPad i1721, ThinkPad iSeries1200/1300, ThinkPad R, ThinkPad R32, ThinkPad R40, ThinkPad R40e, ThinkPad R50, ThinkPad R50e, ThinkPad RSeries, ThinkPad S, ThinkPad T, ThinkPad T20, ThinkPad T21, ThinkPad T22, ThinkPad T23, ThinkPad T30, ThinkPad T40, ThinkPad T41, ThinkPad T42, ThinkPad TSeries, ThinkPad X, ThinkPad X20, ThinkPad X21, ThinkPad X22, ThinkPad X23, ThinkPad X24, ThinkPad X30, ThinkPad X40, ThinkPad X41Tablet, ThinkPad XSeries.


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