CallBack switch DOS Dialogic DID, T1, Smart Switch, Voice Card, ISA bus, Call Back


This item is a Callback switch, programmed using Provide 4.2 (DOS). It features 2 T1 cards, one smart switch, DID card, Voice Card, All cards are Dialogic ISA bus. This Switch was purchased in 1993, at A cost of more than 40K, it served a callback business until 1999 without a hitch and it still works. The system uses a DBF file called master.dbf where client information with assigned last four digits DID code is the account number, this file holds credit limits and callback number, this is the file that The switch uses to initiate the call back to the client using one of the T1 channels, once the client Has picked up the phone, a voice prompt asks for the 4 digits pin number, then it opens another T1 Channel and gives the client a dial tone and the client is able to make calls. The switch generates Another file, called log.dbf, where all calls and duration are recorded. A set of scattered FOXPLUS Applications (all in DOS) uses the log.dbf file to calculate calls made against tariffs and generates a Calls file, where a simple access application was used to generate invoices at the end of the month. The switch was accessed via modem, a PC anywhere app was loaded on the switch, and the app That made the log file into a calls file (with tariffs already calculated) was on another computer, the Switch was alone on a small office space and did not require human supervision, all the managing Apps were away. The PC part of the switch is a 486-DX2 DOS computer (card), with only 120mb Hard drive, more than enough to process about 40,000 minutes a month, this switch has the capacity To manage 10 simultaneous calls. No documentation is included, I can put all the applications into One cd-rom, but the buyer needs to have somebody with foxplus, telecom and computer knowledge To make this switch work as a business. The application for the switch uses a sentinel hardware key, Which is included. Nothing else is included, and we are not selling this system with manuals neither With training on how to make it work, although all the programs are available to make it work.


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