Radio Shack Infrared Photorelay Alarm 49-310


Radio Shack Infrared Photorelay Alarm System 49-310 Includes Transmitter/Receiver only, you need to provide a reflective surface at the other end of the ir transceiver unit. Your Radio Shack Infrared Photorelay/Alarm will sound a tone anytime its invisible pulsed infrared beam is broken. The Alarm can be used across a doorway or any opening up to fifty feet wide. The infrared receiver is virtually unaffected by room lights, indirect sunlight, or other light sources, so accidental tripping from these sources is unlikely. Additional Alarm Features: *Sensitivity control to adjust for different width openings *Three position alarm mode switch to determine the type of sounding when the alarm is tripped. This allows you to use the alarm for an open door announcer for your home or business. *Terminals for optional battery backup power supply. *12 volt DC Power terminals for connection of an optional external sounding device. *Relay contact switching 24vdc 1A or 130 vdc 50ma Max. This transceiver is tested and in working order.


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