Verifone Tranz 420 POS Terminal Credit Card Machine

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The TRANZ 420 works where you need it. The built-in battery lets you process up to 200 transactions without AC power. That means you can take it with you anywhere in the world. With an adapter, it even runs on the power supplied by your car battery. The TRANZ 420 supports a PIN pad or a bar code wand. So you can easily expand your capabilities. You can also add, update and create applications with minimal effort-using the VeriFone programming language designed specially for transaction processing. A versatile transaction system, the TRANZ 420 delivers low-cost credit card verification and check guarantee. In addition, it performs specialized business functions such as price lookup, negative file storage, draft capture and inventory control. This machine is UNTESTED and is being offered AS-IS, no power supply, manuals, or anything else is included.


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NOTICE: This Pre-Owned-Recycled verifone tranz 420 pos terminal credit card machine was described to the best of our knowledge and it is offered as-is. If the field -Items in Stock- shows zero, the product is no longer available.

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