PC Scancode Terminal Kimtron KT-70/PC Amber


This Kimtron KT-70/PC has no keyboard, it turns on and shows the cursor blinking (sharp and in focus) the plastic case has some yellowish tint due to sun exposure and the screen has little screen burns (not noticeable unless you are really looking for them). No other tests have been performed and will be sold as-is.

This terminal appears to be similar to the Wyse WY-60, I found this text that refers to both wyse and kimtron terminals: SCO Merge supports PC scancode terminals that can be switched between character and scancode modes under software control. These terminals are referred to as switchable scancode terminals. Wyse® Technology's Wyse 60 and Kimtron® Corporation's Model KT70/PC terminals are examples of switchable scancode terminals. SCO Merge automatically switches scancode terminals into character mode when they communicate with the UNIX system and into scancode mode when they communicate with DOS.


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NOTICE: This Pre-Owned-Recycled pc scancode terminal kimtron kt-70/pc amber was described to the best of our knowledge and it is offered as-is. If the field -Items in Stock- shows zero, the product is no longer available.

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